Goal 9| A Bioplastic Future


Joselyn McDonald

UN Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Plastic is, quite literally, everywhere.  It has reached the depths of the ocean and every link in the food chain.  Many of our consumer products and industrial processes depend on plastics - yet one third of all plastics being made today will end up in the planet’s ecosystems.  Finding new ways to reuse and recycle them as well as developing biodegradable alternatives are among the biggest and most urgent innovation challenges of our time.  In this challenge, you will create your own bioplastic material and design a new packaging solution to help reduce plastic waste in future.

Meet our Experts

The Chief Executive of bottled water company Highland Spring will share his insights on developing 'eco-bottles' and help you identify where there is most urgent need for innovative alternatives to plastic packaging in a video interview.  

What happens at the end?

If you complete this Challenge, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.  You can choose to have your work included in an online gallery to showcase our students' work.

Work Experience Opportunity

A student aged 16-18 who submits an outstanding piece of work will be offered the opportunity to undertake online mentoring with the Head of Sustainability at Highland Spring Group. 

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