Goal 16| Monumental Reimagining

UN Global Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions 

Throughout history, and across cultures, we have used monuments to help us express cultural identity and tell stories to future generations. In this Challenge, you will explore the many different forms monuments can take, and how new technologies have opened up striking new possibilities.  You'll also consider why monuments can be controversial, through an exploration of the fascinating debate around the Henry Dundas monument in Edinburgh. Finally, you'll propose a new monument for your own local area that reveals a previously untold story about the identity, values or history of your community.

Live Debate

You will have an exciting opportunity to take part in a live online debate run by Parallel Histories, a charity specialising in the study of conflict.

What happens at the end?

If you complete this Challenge, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.  You will also have the option for your work to be included in an online gallery showcasing students' work if you wish.

Work experience opportunity

If you are aged 16-18, you can choose to be considered for an opportunity to undertake work experience or mentoring with award-winning architectural practice Page\ Park.  This will be offered to a student who submits outstanding work.

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