Look around you. Look at the clothes you wear and the places you go. Whether is an omnipresent part of our lives, and and the physical world around us has been intentionally designed to allow us to interact with the weather in different ways. Windshield wipers on a car create visibility in the harshest of rainstorms, the subtle slanting of pavement pushes excess water to the nearest drain, an adjustable bamboo curtain that filters sunlight - each object and artifact has its own relationship to the weather. 

What are people wearing, when and why? Is it a day for shorts? Or a day for the hoodie? Within each of these objects, there is deliberate and intentional design. What benefits do these objects give us?


Explore your house and local neighbourhood, and look for objects or artifacts that have been intentionally designed to interact with a specific type of weather. 


  1. Document at least five weather objects with photographs and sketches (try to think beyond the umbrella and rain boots!).
  2. For each object, respond to the following two questions: 
    1. How has this object been designed to interact with the weather (think about its shape, materials, scale, and how a person uses it)?
    2. How could this object be re-imagined to accommodate multiple types of weather conditions? (For example, what would sunglasses look like if they allowed the wearer to disperse fog in additional to blocking UV rays?) Create a quick sketch of your hypothetical new weather object!