Joselyn McDonald

UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

The Covid-19 global pandemic has emphasised the need for hand hygiene to ensure public health. Using hand sanitiser at the door of your school or local shop has recently become the norm. However, in other parts of the world handwashing stations and devices have been used in public places for many years - and have often involved innovative thinking to create low-cost, efficient, sustainable solutions. In this challenge, you will discover some inventive examples from around the world. You'll then go on to consider where a handwashing device in your own community would be most effective, and how to ensure people use it - perhaps through playful or artistic design. Finally, you will create and share detailed sketches (and physical prototypes if you wish!) representing your proposal for a creative and sustainable handwashing device for your community.

Meet our expert

To help you consider different handwashing and sanitising options, and give you some tips on developing a new product, you will be able to enjoy a video interview with founder of sustainable Scottish soap company Siabann, Fiona Ritchie.

What happens at the end?

If you complete this challenge, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement, and you can choose to have your design displayed in an online gallery. 

Work experience opportunity

There will be an opportunity for a student aged 16-18 who submits an outstanding piece of work by Friday 18th June 2021 to undertake work experience or mentoring with Fiona Ritchie at Siabann.

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