Joselyn McDonald

UN Global Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action 

Many scientists believe that parts of the UK and other nations are just 30-40 years away from the "fundamental eradication of soil fertility".  In other words, the planet's soil will no longer be fertile enough to yield the amount of food we need for the human population to survive.  

But there are solutions - and one that we can all put into action is making use of our food waste. Food waste makes up an astonishing 30% of what we throw away - but if it's composted instead, it results in a fantastic fertiliser for crops and a reduction in emissions of the greenhouse gas methane from landfills. 

A key partner in this effort is the humble earthworm! Worms can dramatically improve soil quality. Adding worms to compost piles helps speed up the composting process and produces a more nutrient-rich soil. 

In this challenge, you will learn about sustainable farming practices such as worm composting and design your own “wormery” - a healthy habitat for worms who are our partners in combating climate change through responsible food production. 

What happens at the end?

If you complete this Challenge, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement, and have the option to have your work included in an online gallery showcasing our students' designs.

Work Experience Opportunity

There will be an opportunity for a student aged 16-18 who submits an outstanding entry to undertake work experience or mentoring with retailer Zero Waste Organics

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