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UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Strawberries may not be in season in the depths of a Scottish winter – yet they can readily be found on our supermarket shelves. Having fresh foods available all year round is what we've come to expect; however, transporting food from the other side of the planet requires vast amounts of fossil fuels, pesticides, packaging, preservatives and labour. All this can be substantially reduced by choosing foods produced locally.  Local foods can also be fresher, healthier, and it's often easier to check if they've been produced sustainably and ethically. 

In this challenge, you will learn about the Local Food Movement that is gaining momentum across the world, through initiatives such as the 100-Mile Diet, organic farming, and the farm-to-table movement. You will discover the foods produced sustainably within 100 miles of your location - and then create an original dish made primarily from these local foods. 

Meet our expert

To help you, you'll enjoy some unique video content from MasterChef finalist Jilly McCord, who will share her top tips on combining ingredients into a delicious dish!

What happens at the end?

If you complete this challenge, you'll receive a Certificate of Achievement, and will have the opportunity to share your your recipe to be included in a digital cookbook.  

Work experience opportunity

Students age 16-18 who live in the UK can also choose to be considered for an opportunity to spend a day observing and working in the kitchen of Michelin-starred restaurant The Kitchin in Edinburgh.  This will be awarded to a student who submits an outstanding piece of work, and is set for 24th June 2021. 

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