Tutorial: Make Bioplastic!

Joselyn McDonald

You are going to make your own bioplastic, using ingredients you can find at the supermarket.

Note: This recipe requires roughly 24 hours to complete because the bioplastic needs an extended drying time. Please plan accordingly!


Take at least three pictures of your bioplastic making progress. You’ll be sharing these at the end of the challenge.  

Basic Gelatin Bioplastic Recipe

Supplies needed: 

Digital thermometer, access to a gas or electric cooking hob (or hot plate), non-reactive mixing pot (stainless steel or glass), mixing spoons, whisk, weighing scales, something to pour onto (such as a non-stick baking pan, glass casserole dish, or silicone baking mat). 


240ml water

48g gelatin

31g glycerine

Directions: (please read through all of the steps before getting started!) 

  1. Add the gelatin and water to your mixing pot. 
  2. Thoroughly mix the gelatin and the water until you get a consistent paste. Avoid chunks of dry material.
  3. Then slowly heat the mixture till it becomes runny. 
  4. Now slowly mix in the glycerine. 
  5. Mix the solution continuously to keep the mixture from burning. You may add food colouring at this point if you want! 
  6. Continue stirring until the mixture begins to bubble (up to 95°C) then remove from heat and pour! 
  7. Pour a thick layer onto a non-stick surface. 
  8. Wait for 24 hrs for the material to set. Plan on longer. When the plastic is dry it will pull away more easily from the surface you poured onto. (Caution! The material is very hot! Be cautious when mixing and pouring to avoid burns or even melting materials that are not made to withstand high temperatures.)

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